Four Signs You Should Replace Your Duct System

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A working duct system is necessary to ensure effective heating and cooling throughout your home or business. Without ducts that are properly installed and sealed, you might experience inconsistent temperatures, higher bills and more frequent furnace or air conditioner problems.

Although HVAC contractors in Panama City, FL can repair your ducts if a part collapses or has leaks, there comes a point when it’s just easier to install an entirely new duct system. If you are experiencing a combination of these four things, now might be a good time to replace your ducts.

Old air ducts

Most residential or commercial building duct systems are designed to last 10 to 15 years. Over time, ducts can begin to break down. While minor repairs aren’t usually a problem, major leaks, large gaps or whole sections that have been crushed or collapsed will pose much bigger issues for your HVAC system.

Check on the last time your ducts were replaced. If it’s been longer than 10 years, it’s recommended that you replace the whole duct system rather than put money into repairs.

Higher utility bills

If you notice that your utility bills have been climbing higher and higher, but your energy usage hasn’t changed much, your ducts might be to blame. Leaks in the duct system can release hot or cold air that doesn’t make it to the rest of your home or business, forcing your furnace or air conditioner to work even harder to maintain the desired temperature.

To determine if your ducts are leaking, HVAC contractors in Panama City, FL can do a blower test and identify any problem areas. Small patches can be done if necessary, but if there is a widespread leakage issue, you’re better off replacing it all.

Poor air quality or more dust

Air ducts are notorious for sucking up dust and dirt when there are even minor leaks, which can lead to an accumulation of gunk in the places your air blows through. This can cause an excess of dust to blow out your vents and throughout your home, leading to dusty furniture and overall poor air quality. This is particularly problematic for people with allergies or asthma.

Mold and pests are also big issues in air ducts. You should have your ducts checked regularly to ensure they are clean. If your contractor discovers a rodent infestation or mold growth in your ducts, it is best to replace them entirely to avoid any potential health problems.

Heating and cooling problems

You might notice that some rooms are too hot or too cold when your HVAC system is running, and the first thing you’ll suspect is the furnace or air conditioner itself. But if those systems are checked out by a professional and don’t have any noticeable issues, the problem may actually lie with your ducts. Leaks in ducts leading to certain rooms might cause inconsistent temperatures and will need to be replaced.

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