Here’s Why Your Ice Machine Stopped Making Ice

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Your ice machine is an integral part of your commercial operations. When it stops working, your business suffers. How can you avoid this disaster? Following are the most common reasons that ice machines stop working and might need commercial ice maker repair in Panama City, FL.

Use these tips to troubleshoot the issue or get the repairs you need. Whether it’s a quick fix or you need professional service, these steps will help you get your ice machine up and running again as soon as possible:

  • Control arm: Did you know your ice machine might not be making ice because you’ve told it not to do so? Of course, this is often an accidental order. When moving items around in the freezer, it is easy to nudge the control arm from the “on” position to the “off” position. When this happens, ice production pauses. Check to see if the metal control arm needs to be adjusted to turn the machine back on and resume the ice production.
  • Electrical components: If the ice machine’s control arm is in the “on” position, but it is still not making ice, you probably have an issue with an electrical connection or the motor. Check all connections to make sure they are secure. Unplug and reinsert connections to confirm this. Once you’ve reconnected everything, the loose connection may be repaired and the ice machine might need no further commercial ice maker repair in Panama City, FL.
  • Frozen line: Another common cause for lack of ice production is a frozen water line. To defrost the line, unplug the freezer, close the shutoff valve and pour warm water over the line with a turkey baster. You can also use a hair dryer to thaw the line. Another option is to leave the freezer unplugged for at least two hours. Once the ice in the line has thawed, reconnect everything. If the water can now flow freely, you probably don’t need any additional commercial ice maker repair in Panama City, FL.
  • Clogged filter: Ice makers can stop working if the filter is clogged. Have you changed your filter lately? Tray changing this filter to see if that fixes the problem. If you replace the filter and the machine still does not make ice, you may need to call for professional commercial ice maker repair in Panama City, FL.
  • Size issue: Is your ice maker creating ice that is too big or too small? It’s likely the machine needs an adjustment. You need to adjust how much water the ice maker uses to fill the mold during each fill and freezing cycle. Changing this is often as simple as turning a screw. However, if you are unfamiliar with this process, you can contact an expert for professional commercial ice maker repair in Panama City, FL.

Call for Backup

If your troubleshooting efforts don’t reveal or fix the problem, don’t hesitate to call for professional support. The team at Complete Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc. is ready to assist you with commercial ice maker repair in Panama City, FL. Get in touch today!

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